Welcome to IFM – Active Services Action Platform (ASAP)

We at IFM would like to tell you how excited we are to be starting our journey together, whether you are a new client or a new staff member. If you are having any trouble feel free to message IT, staff who are identified by their user badge, We will address the issue as quickly as possible. One aspect of IFM that is crucial for us to uphold is an in-depth support network for any individual who uses the ASAP platform.

Introducing this new platform will solve a lot of issues that traditional systems had, for example when it comes to on-site communication, ASAP allows our services to run without being limited to only physical or in-person communication.

Like most other CMS, the Feed/News Feed will host important information and upcoming events. These will either be specific to the individual or company-wide announcements. The Feed will be the first page every logged-in user will see when they login on to the ASAP platform.